Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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Looking for the latest product from Petsafe? Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence might be the electric dog fence you are searching for. This is the combination of the features coming from the other Petsafe systems, wherein they just modify it and add another feature. The system of Yardmax In-Ground Dog Fence is considered as one of the most lightweight and compact collars in the whole market, but then it still handles both of the highest maximum correction settings and individual correction levels on every single collar within the system. This is one of the explanations why it is most preferred by the users in so many breeds. Actually, it is also compatible with the three Petsafe Pawz Away Indoor as well as outdoor barriers.

But guess what? Its new feature, Yardmax Space, is meant to save technology. While your dogs are under the Yardmax mode, there is an extension of the correction zone into infinity outside the boundary wire so it can maximize well the space in the yard.

Collar Features

Individual Correction

Finally, Petsafe already come up with a system which has an individual correction setting. This is much more effective with a Yardmax collar for your digs which weighs more than 10lbs. You don’t have to mix and match different Petsafe collars.

Small and Lightweight

This Yardmax collar is been sing very small collars. This is perfect for the dogs which is weighing not more than 10 lbs. For your information, the collar itself weighs only 3 ounce. This collar is similar on what Petsafe Little dog have. But that doesn’t have to say that it has also low correction level.

Five Progressive Correction Levels

Yardmax also provides 5 progressive correction level setting in ever don within the system. These levels were being adjusted in every collar. Though it is really small, but its correction level still ranges from the medium down to the strong.


This collar utilizes rechargeable lithium-ion type of battery. This collar battery is being recharged through the help of the charging cords which is being plug into the port of the collars.

Short and long Contact Points

This system comes along with the contact points which are both long and short. It has also some small wrench which helps in switching of the contact points much easier.

Compatibility of the Zone

The Yardmax collars are known to be more compatible with Petsafe Indoor Zone, Pawz Away Indoor Mini Pet barrier, Pet Safe’s Pawz Away Outdoor Rock Zone.

Features of the Transmitter

Run-Through Prevention

This one is a distinct feature of the Yardmax since your dog can have indefinite privilege while outside the boundary wire. But then, for the sake of safety, it has been developed with 10 seconds timeout right on the correction.

10 acre capacity

It has the ability to operate within 10 acres. Since it is best if you are going to use it in the suburban lands and properties, but it is much better if it is durable enough to operate bigger rural spaces.