Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence Review

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For those dogs having low pain sensitivity and also those large breeds the best option is the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Kit. This invisible dog fence kit is considered to be perfect for those dogs that are known to be fighting and guardian breeds such as Akitas, German Shepherds or even Pit Bulls. This product is known to be powerful and so must be utilized properly in order to avoid any over-correction. There are already numbers of households purchased this product having dogs with different sizes and so compatible with different collars offered by PetSafe.

For the Collar Features

Strongest Available Correction

This collar offers almost 50% stronger corrections compared to other collars for the reason that it is definitely created for guardian breed together with high tolerance of pain or for those dogs having 100 pounds and over. This could be too much for those more sensitive and smaller dogs therefore there is a need of careful using.

Five Correction Levels that are Adjustable

This collar could allow you in setting correction level for every collar within the system individually. Because of this feature, this system is considered to be suitable for those multi-dog households wherein each and every dog requires different needs with the strength of the correction.

For the Transmitter Features

Compatible with other Collars

The transmitter of this system could be compatible with numbers of other receiver collars.

10-Acre Capacity

The said transmitter is capable of handling almost up to 10 acres.

Boundary Width Adjustment

This simple and reliable transmitter could allow you in terms of adjusting the boundary width. If your boundary zone becomes larger it would be hard for dogs to cross into it. This could be perfect during training especially those dogs that are into escaping.

Boundary Alarm

This would make a sound once there is a wire break within the fence. Through a steady green light, it would symbolize that the boundary is still operating.

Those are the features of both the collar and the transmitter of the said invisible dog fence system. With those great features being provided by the product there will be an assurance that great benefits and advantages could as well be experienced.

Petsafe In-Ground Stubborn Dog Fence

On the other hand, there are as well some problems with regards to the use of this dog fence system. In terms of the transmitter, though considered as reliable and could be used easier but it doesn’t offer any backup for battery. Though not a big deal at all, still having battery backup could be of great importance to some other customers. And also, the battery of the collar is considered to be disposable wherein majority of individuals would want rechargeable battery for their dog fence system.

And since this product is considered as the largest collar within the market as well as the heaviest one, many are into having problems about its size and bulkiness. But overall, the use of this system could be a perfect option for many households wanting to control and so protect their dogs from any harm or danger.