Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

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Are you looking for an electric fence dogs with waterproof collars for your large dogs? As a dog owner, you will surely find new and safest way for your dog containment. Nowadays, one of the hot subject is the electric dog fences as they make people, especially dogs to feel comfortable. Electric fences may be more dependable selection compared to physical fences. In fact, it has different methods to warranty the welfare of your dogs. Electric fences may not attractive or pleasant, but they possibly save lives of the dogs and make them feel at ease.

Electric dog fences are the new options on keeping your dogs safe. However, of all the systems in dog fencing, Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is the most flexible. Its electric dog fencing wires provides minimalist wires and simplicity. As a result, the installation is just easy, quick and simple.

SportDOG 100 Acre In Ground Pet Fence System

The Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is specifically designed for any large rural possessions. This system is able to handle one hundred acres and any dog numbers, with their every own personalized correction settings. Aside from that, this system is created to last and the receiver collar is exceptionally waterproof. The minimum size setting is about 13” and not specifically designed for the smaller dogs. Additionally, SDF-100A features settings in correction mode and transmitter controlled box. As a result, you will be allowed to choose correction only mode, warning only mode or correction and warning mode.

These kit includes

  • 1,000 ft. of twenty gauge boundary wire (1 acre)
  • Waterproof wire splices (2)
  • Boundary flags (100)
  • Control at the Transmitter Box
  • One receiver collar
  • 2 long and short sets of collar prongs
  • Instructional manual

SportDOG containment fence is a reliable and solidly built system. The collar it offers is pretty bulky, big and extremely waterproofs. It is such a tremendous choice and is certainly compatible with varieties of collars. For dogs with 20-220 lbs., this system is the right choice for you, and whichever breed you may have, SportDOG fence has the right outline for you.

By purchasing Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Electric Dog Fence, your dog will now have the freedom to climb trees, chase, run and enjoy your backyard without bothering about their security at all. The success of Sportdog SDF-100A Electric Fence Dog product is very eminent for its capability to teach the dogs regarding their property boundaries as well as to keep them safely. This fence will not just permit you for garden protection but as well allow your pet to roam at liberty in your areas where they can’t dig around your areas or walk on the garden.

Electric invisible dog fence are indeed one great way to secure the happiness and safety of your pet. It can help your dog to understand their restrictions or capability to play around. Dogs can feel safe from hazards, for instance speeding cars, hostile people and animals. That is why there’s no undoubtedly other better alternative for an affordable and sturdy electric dog fence than Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Electric Dog Fence.