Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

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When portability is being tackled, Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence is the best and recommended by so many experts and specialist. It is so easy and fast to set-up which makes it one great choice for travelling and camping with your dogs. The process of setting it up is so simple. Just plug it in, set up the desired radius size and then now you can start training your cute canine buddies. But then, just like the other products, it has also some limitations and disadvantages such as its wireless signal reflects on a certain circle through you have the capability to pick the size that you want, but then it shapes is only limited on a specific circle measuring up to 180 feet.

Another one, is its variability which goes along with the wireless signal. You are not being required to dig, to splice or even twist specific wires so definitely, it is much more conve3neient to have with. However, this will also results sometimes on the fluctuation of the boundaries which will still depend on the situation. Not only that, rechargeable charger is missing in the package which make it more frustrating.

Features of Collar and Transmitter

Well, first and foremost you would thank the creator of the Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence because it is waterproof. It closure were made up of plastic clip and nylon band making it more comfortable for your puppies and canine. Aside from that, the collar can perfectly for almost any kind s of your best buddy, but most probably it fits those dogs which weighs 8lbs or over than that number. You can also save more money on it since you are not going to buy mire dog fence system for your entire dog individually because it can hold on unlimited number of dogs at a moment. That is so amazing, right? Every collar must be se t their won individual collar with the right correction level while they are training. The collar has an indicator also when its battery is getting low. It flashes every 5 seconds to give you a sign that it is still functioning.

On the other hand, its transmitter has also the following advantages and portability hits the first spot. Its transmitter only requires a specific outlet for the installing purposes. You can take it as simple as it is whenever you need to move with your dogs. You can also make adjustments of the boundary size through the help of the Boundary Control Dial. Actually, it can reach range up to 90 feet in whatever direction you want to. This boundary is also expandable. You can increase the size of the containment area through adding more transmitters so you construct an overlapping circular form. You can as many transmitters as you can, but make sure that you can maintain and keep more on a specific weather-proof indoor place. If you do believe that this is the perfect technology for your dogs, then why not try it?