Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence

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There is the newest solution that is wireless from the company of Pet Safe. It is known as Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence which is designed to give convenience and peace of mind. The system that this invisible fence has is offering freedom for dog in moving even without the necessity of burying the wires.

It has small transmitter which is installed within your home that can emit wireless signals having the capacity of covering this for up to three-fourths of the acre. Thru the combination of transmitters, the user may obtain large area for containment. The prime feature for this wireless system comes in portability. This system may easily and quickly be taken towards the user into the camping area, cottage or anywhere you may want to go no matter what is the area of the place.

This collar is highly rechargeable and waterproof with contoured and small feature in order to give comfortable feeling. That can be achieved by making it properly suited to any kinds of dog. The features of this collar have the level of correction together with the mode of tone-only in order to train your dog.

Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence is considered to have good quality and best reliable choice for people who really need wireless kind of system. Multiple collars may be utilized in this system that can reach until two collars. This is possible by charging it simultaneously. The system that it has is very suitable for the dogs having the weight of more than 5 lbs.

Features of Transmitter

Power Loss Alarm

The transmitter of this collar is highly equipped with the alarm in order to alert every user for loss of power.


It has the capacity of taking it wherever you may want to go. This is considered as the biggest advantage of this dog fence collar.

Expandable Boundary

Additional unit of transmitter may be added in order to increase the size of field in this system.

Field Size

It has the capacity of creating circular kind of boundary which is adjustable thru the use of knob in the transmitter.

Features of the Collar


The collar that it offers is very suitable for dogs weighing 5 lbs. That is also adjustable for any neck size.


It has a built-in rechargeable kind of lithium ion batteries. This collar can be fully charged within 3 hours and its charge may last for 3 weeks.


It is reasonably durable because of being waterproof. It has an inclusion of nylon strap that can be replaced and removed thru the collar strap depending on your preference.

Individual Level of Correction

This collar is offering five correction levels. Each of these collars may be properly adjusted in order to complement with the temperament and size of dog that wears it.

Battery Indicator

It has an indicator if the battery is getting low thru the use of its LED battery. It flashes for every five seconds in order to indicate the working collar.