Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence Review

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For almost many years of providing best products, Motorola has never failed every customer with products it offers in terms of wireless technology. Today, Motorola is proudly offering their latest product which is a wireless dog fencing system known as Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence. This latest product being offered is considered to be flexible wherein you can use it being an invisible barrier perfect into the backyard or even once you are on a vacation including quick trips.

For the specifications and features of this rechargeable dog fence, consider the following:

  • RF technology of almost 2.4GHz
  • It has correction mode in 15 static levels including vibration and warning tone
  • Together with additional Travel Collar 50, it could be expanded into two dogs
  • Its collar battery is rechargeable Li-ion and lasts up to almost 96 hours based on the usage
  • It has up to 150 feet line of sigh as the range of operation
  • And the kit includes 10 inches of boundary flags 50 pack, a black travel bag, adapter, S contact points and also M/L contact points

With those being mentioned above, there will be no reason of not considering the said wireless fence for protecting your dogs. Once at home, dogs will be trained on how they are to respond to the warning tones as well as behavior even situated in new locations. Since there are 15 levels of simulation you have numbers of options in terms of selecting the level suitable to your dog. Options include gentle and high reminder or for those more independent breeds and so dangerous situations as well. The said dog fence system is completely packaged together with travel bag and so a pack of rechargeable battery wherein it could operate for almost 36 hours. The said system is as well portable perfect for trips and vacations.

Motorola Wireless fence Training

But there are certain things needed to be considered once into having wireless fence such as there must be a minimal landscaping, no stucco or aluminum are required, large vehicles and metal buildings must not be included within the area and so wireless signal could be interfered by severe sloping. But overall, choosing this type of dog fence system is of great choice ever especially for those that are into planning to take their dogs into vacation or travel. Never be worry about the idea of taking dog for vacation for this system is the best answer.

In connection with the product, there are already numbers of customers who provided feedbacks and scores about their experiences of using the product. There are customers who rated the product fairly for they experienced the use of it averagely but also some provided negative feedbacks about the product leading to lowest possible rating. But in general, there are numbers of customers who have provided highest ratings and positive feedbacks about the product. With great benefits and advantages that this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence could provide there will be no doubt that this product will surely be reaching its peak of popularity.