What are Electric Dog Fences

Two dogs in the field near an electric dog fence

About Electric Dog Fences

An electric dog fence is a mechanism that is used to keep your dog within a set boundary. It works with a radio frequency or a Wi-Fi signal in order to keep your dog from leaving your yard. As the dog approaches the boundary, the shock collar will put off an audible tone or vibration. If the dog continues forward, he will be corrected by receiving a static shock. An inground or wireless fence is the perfect solution for those who can’t or don’t want to erect a physical fence in their yard. When you have this type of a fence, you won’t have to have visible wires laying on the ground.

Types of Electric Dog Fences

Above ground, inground and wireless are the three kinds of electric fences. When you are ready to purchase an electric fence, you first need to determine which kind of dog fence is right for you.

In-ground Electric Dog Fences

Gray dog over an in-ground electric dog fence

In-ground fences are more trustworthy than their competition in keeping your dog right with you where he belongs. As is implied by the name, the wire for the invisible dog fence® is buried beneath the ground. This type of fence lets you design the border exactly as you see fit.

The most quality type of inground fence is one with a thick and sturdy wire. The remote control transmitter then communicates with this closed circuit wire in order to notify you of the location of your dog. After about a week of training your dog, he will learn the location of his boundaries and he will respect them.

Above Ground Fences

Two dogs above ground electric dog fence

For those that have rocky soil around their home, they may choose to plant their wires above the ground. Just like the inground version, the perimeter is entirely adjustable. With an above ground fence, the wire is mounted to the ground’s surface with pins, fence poles and a ground rod. Some people choose to do it this way in order to keep rodents and other pests out of their garden, plants or shrubs.

There are benefits to an above ground fence, as there aren’t any wires to bury. It is also helpful that your dog isn’t required to wear a shock collar. The only drawback is that your dog won’t receive any warning as he approaches the wire. He will automatically receive a shock by the wire if he lands on it. However, an above ground fence will work well for those who don’t mind having the wires in plain sight and those who are looking for the cheapest solution and easier installation.

Wireless Dog Fences

Wire-Free product set

A wireless electric fence for dogs is what you need if you are looking for the simplest solution. As there aren’t any wires to bury or plant, they offer the quickest set up. They work via a wireless signal that communicates with your dog’s collar. This type of system is able to track and record your dog’s location by a receiver that is located inside of the home. It casts a signal in a circular manner that is adjustable from about 14 feet to 210 feet in circumference.

However, you should know that a wireless fence won’t work for everyone. It won’t work if your house has stucco or aluminum siding on it. No tall, dense trees or extensive landscaping can exist on the enclosed property. It will work as long as you are at least 30 feet away from the road and 30 feet away from your neighbor. You also cannot have any metal buildings or large vehicles within the boundaries.


Now that you have seen a comparison of the three different kinds of electric dog fences, you may know which type is right for you. When you read a dog fence review, you can also get a better idea. Be sure to take a look at the size and type of your property, as well as the cost and the pets you have. If you have more than one dog, you need to consider which type of fence will accommodate all of them. Most of them let you buy additional collars to work with the system. When you see our electric dog fence reviews, be certain to note how reliable they are and how easy they are to install.